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This sewer back up cleaning is now complete and, with a final sanitization spray added, the client can be assured that there will be no after effects from the soiled conditions caused by the sewer backing up.

Posted by ZAMiiClean on Wednesday, June 17, 2020
The finished cleaning of the sewer back up was a complete success and the final results allow the tenant the comfort in knowing the area is deep cleaned and disinfected. A complete success for the client.

The start of a ZAMii sewer back up clean. We start with a complete power wash of all areas affected, while also extracting the soiled water through our van mounted extraction unit. A final after the clean video is coming shortly.

Posted by ZAMiiClean on Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Our client, a home management company, required a post sewer back-up cleaning. ZAMii was called in to do a complete power wash with hydra-vacuum of the water and debris. The final steps included a thorough disinfectant spray of the affected areas.
The late evening ZAMii carpet clean went well and with a freshly deep-cleaned carpet, the new renters can move in today as scheduled.
The ZAM Van will be having a late evening. Our client, a major Calgary renter had a really late move out and requires the unit carpet cleaned for a move in tomorrow. Oh the Joy’s.
ZAMii Clean. Happy Carpet, Happy Home. Some days its all about area rugs. We love the variety of colors in area rugs, such a contrast to carpets.
ZAMii PRO. Some days it’s not about carpets at all. We also believe in supporting our clients healthy life style. Today’s client has a pure bred poodle that just gave birth to pups. Such a joy. Oh, and the carpets look awesome now that they’re cleaned.
Beaners Fun Cuts and ZAMii Clean a winning team

We're honored to be chosen by Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids, Red Deer location, to complete the floor finishing (complete strip and waxing) prior to their expected post COVID-19 re-opening. Beaners cares as much about the safety and health of children as ZAMii does. We wish all Beaners franchisee's much success as they look to re-open Beanersfuncuts @BeanersFunCuts. In this brief slide show, ZAMii takes you through the setup, preparation, stripping, two coats of sealant and two coats of wax.

Posted by ZAMiiClean on Tuesday, May 12, 2020
We’re honored to be chosen by Beaners Fun Cuts for Kids, Red Deer location, to complete the floor finishing (complete strip and waxing) prior to their expected post COVID-19 re-opening. Beaners cares as much about the safety and health of children as ZAMii does. We wish all Beaners franchisee’s much success as they look to re-open Beanersfuncuts @BeanersFunCuts. In this brief slide show, ZAMii takes you through the setup, preparation, stripping, two coats of sealant and two coats of wax.
ZAMii Clean Carpet cleaning experts

ZAMii Clean utilizes the most advanced van-mounted extraction units in the industry

Posted by ZAMiiClean on Wednesday, April 22, 2020
ZAMii utilizes the most advanced van mounted extraction equipment in the industry. This allows ZAMii to provide the best possible carpet cleaning for our clients.

Awesome view from one of ZAMii's three carpet cleans yesterday. Such a beautiful view and city

Posted by ZAMiiClean on Sunday, April 26, 2020
A beautiful view of downtown Calgary as seen from one of our clients high rise apartment.
Today’s ZAMiism. A simple but appropriate inspiration, given the rain today. How about a rainy day play list to go with it? A few of ZAMii’s picks are; Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain” Willie Nelson and Thief In The Night” The Rolling Stones. Enjoy
The start of a beautiful relationship, ZAMii clean meets our next upholstery cleaning. A match made in upholstery-cleaning heaven. Stay tuned for the finished product.
Discovery Ridge cleaning all complete. Another satisfied ZAMii client.
ZAMii out in Discovery Ridge completing a move out carpet clean for one of our awesome clients
ZAMii is spreading the excitement
ZAMii out in Discovery Ridge enjoying the awesome sunshine and completing an awesome post-painting carpet clean.
Like all of us Albertan’s lately, ZAMii is anxious for spring and to get ahead of the planting season a bit, ZAMii has started with seeding his favourite flowers, sunflowers. We can wait to see the sprouts and to replant them for the summers growing season.
Why does this beaver and this penguin get along so darn well? Mutual respect. They each provide amazing service to their clients. Beaver Dam Car Wash is ZAMii’s go to car wash. It’s the best in the business bar none. Take it from ZAMii, we know a thing or two about quality. Now, all ZAMii’s clients can also take advantage of Beaver Dams car wash and when you do, you’ll receive 20% off.
Cat hair is all removed and our clients carpet looks as good as new.
Wholly cat hair batman. ZAMii is called upon quite often to complete a carpet clean that has excessive cat hair, this is our most recent pet hair cleaning. Extensive vacuuming was required before we could even attempt the actual cleaning. Thankfully, the carpets cleaned beautifully and thanks to ZAMii’s high-powered van-mounted extraction unit, our clients carpet looked as good as new.
Yes, ZAMii cleans area rugs. Area rugs can add beauty to specific locations in your home and, like carpets, require cleaning on a regular basis. Our client has a deeper shag area rug with pet stains. ZAMii was engaged to remove the stains and refresh the rug. It’s as good as new and shows off our clients sitting area beautifully.
ZAMii is remaining active during the COVID crisis. We take all precautions to ensure the health of our clients is a top priority. This includes being creative in reaching all our clients locations. Yesterday ZAMii was requested to do a deep carpet clean for our client in an apartment building. This required a balcony entry so we could use our powerful van mounted equipment. The client is now safer from the virus thanks to a deep sanitized carpet clean of her unit.
ZAMii loves cleaning upholstery, especially when it has a unique look to it. Our client in the beltline area of Calgary recently engaged ZAMii to complete the cleaning of his sofa. The upholstery cleaning went very well and we particularly loved the colour.
ZAMii was out and about yesterday in Parkdale. What a beautiful area and what a great day to be out serving our clients carpet cleaning needs. ZAMii also noted that there were dozens of Calgarians enjoying the bike path and walking along the river.
ZAMii tip. Never use dish soap in large amounts to clean carpet. This tenant put copious amounts of dish soap into the carpet and left it. Our client needed it cleaned. It took three hours of steady water injection to remove the soap. As you can see the foam created was substantial. This photo shows one container of 23 that were eventually filled with soap foam until we could dissipate the soap. It’s a good thing ZAMii had the water claw on hand.
As committed in an earlier post, ZAMii has finally uploaded a few of the photos from the awesome ranch-style home we carpet cleaned last month. ZAMii truly enjoyed carpet cleaning this home.
ZAMii is a huge hockey fan and as many parents of hockey players can attest, this statement says it all. I guess we have something in common other than clean carpets.
And on the seventh day, even ZAMii had to have a coffee break.
Another stellar upholstery cleaning by ZAMii, this guy loves making your home healthy and happy.
Home home on the range, where the carpets also need cleaning. ZAMii is fortunate to carpet clean many amazing homes. This ranch style home of the 70s never goes out of fashion and was a pleasure to clean. Stay tuned for more photos of the interior, coming soon.
A carpet that was heavily soiled with pet urine stains is now livable again. Nice.
After extensive cleaning using the ZAMii van-mounted extraction unit the urine and pet feces is completely removed and the carpet, although quite aged, is revived and vibrant.
Severe urine and pet feces was found throughout these carpets in the same home. ZAMii was called in to do a deep-clean with pet stain remover and odor control products.
Sometimes it’s just nice when you’re adding to the health and happiness of your clients home, to stop and enjoy a quite moment of inspiration. Our clients live life as we do, with love, happiness and reflection.
Just like the famed postal service, neither rain nor shine nor snow, will keep ZAMii from his carpet cleaning schedule.
Continuing coverage of our most recent estate home carpet cleaning.
Proper set up of equipment and cleaning products, most importantly prespray, are critical to a successful carpet clean. ZAMii ensures each carpet clean is started and completed in a systematic manner. This carpet clean required additional cleaning products, which included our stain kit.
Proper carpet maintenance includes trimming carpet threads that can snag when vacuuming. ZAMii’s standard carpet clean includes the trimming of all threads. In this estate home, it was necessary for ZAMii to trim dozens of threads, but the result was well worth it for the owner.
ZAMii’s first carpet and upholstery clean of 2020 completed in early January. What a beauty. Full two-seat sofas and large one-seat sofa plus carpet area. Notice ZAMii does all areas of the upholstery including back, sides, underside of sofa were cushions sit and all sides of cushions and pillows.
A stairway to carpet heaven
Enjoying the splendor of a winter morning on the way to another ZAMii carpet cleaning. Grateful.
Carpeted closets and bonus areas are equally important areas to clean. ZAMii Clean Carpet and upholstery cleaning pays special attention to these areas on every clean we do. Here are some photos showing a recent carpet cleaning ZAMii concluded. Closets and all.
This heavily soiled and high traffic entrance and hallway required an exceptional high PH level prespray cleaner to remove all the soiling. The client indicated he has never had the carpet cleaned. You can actually notice the area where an entrance mat was placed. This highlighted the soiled areas even more. ZAMii hit the area hard with a high PH cleaning prespray and utilized some good old fashioned elbow grease to agitate the cleaning compound into the carpet, then finished with a neutralizing rinse to bring the PH back to neutral. The results are outstanding.
Another week starting and the ZAMii van is freshly cleaned and ready to go. ZAMii stops in at our favorite car wash Beaver Dam car cash, whenever possible. It’s the best car wash in Calgary, hands down.
Did you know? ZAMii Clean, cleans all hard surfaces including garage floors and driveways. If your garage is starting to look like this, give us a call and we’ll book you in for a “first-thing-in-the-spring” garage cleaning.
Kids playroom carpet professionally cleaned by ZAMii Clean. All ready for the kids and just in time for Santa’s big day.
A strong contender for ZAMii Cleans most difficult upholstery cleaning of 2019. This was a three set sofa, loveseat and chair. ZAMii utilized our van mounted equipment with the added strength of ZAMii’s upholstery prespray and stain remover, with plenty of physical scrubbing to remove all the stains and soiling. A complete success!
This living room sofa/loveseat set may be our most challenging upholstery clean of 2019. But ZAMii nailed it and removed each of the stains and soiling. It was admitted by the client that the upholstery had never been cleaned. This created a challenge as the longer stains are allowed to set in, the harder they are to remove. This clean required multiple passes of water and extraction plus good old fashioned scrubbing aided by our upholstery pre-spray cleaning solution.
Did you know? ZAMii Clean also does strip and wax and cleaning of all hard surfaces.
As resent strip and wax. Our client, a large seniors housing management firm engaged ZAMii Clean to complete a strip and wax for the main entrance and entertainment area within one of there buildings.
Some before and after photos. This was a difficult stripping, but the finished results speaks volumes. The area had not been stripped and re-finshed for some years. The stripping required additional attention, but with the correct stripping agents and multiple passes ZAMii managed to get the surface just right for the finished sealant and finish coats.
Thanks to our client Julia, for the opportunity to clean the carpet on this amazing home. The client required a late cleaning do to the sale of the home. ZAMii was called in and finished up very late in the evening, but the carpet is now pristine for the new owners.
Amazing home, amazing carpet. over 2,000 sf of carpet to be cleaned. Our client Julia entrusted ZAMii Clean with this important task. The carpet is now freshly cleaned and ready for the new owners to take over today. As we like to say here at ZAMii Clean “Healthy carpet, Healthy Home. Healthy home, Healthy Life.”
Tony and his family not only needed SANTA’S CHAIR cleaned, but ZAMii also professionally cleaned their sectional. Now its completely cleaned with each of the sections set aside for drying. By dinner tonight Tony and his family will be enjoying Christmas carols around the tree and settling in for an evening of joy. Thanks Tony for allowing ZAMii to be a small part of your Christmas preparations.
SANTA’S CHAIR… Thanks Tony, for allowing ZAMii Clean the privilege of cleaning this very important chair. SANTA will be very pleased when he visits.
We care as much about protecting the inside or your home as do the cleanliness of your carpet and upholstery. Corner guards and floor protector mats are ZAMii standards whenever we enter your home.
Blood stains on cream carpet. No problem for ZAMii Clean.
Our Client, the catering department of a prominent Hotel, required the cleaning of their large ballroom and catering office. The office was heavily soiled over the months by normal foot traffic coming from the kitchen. ZAMii Clean was able to use our powerful de-greasing prespray agent to remove the soiling.
ZAMii is proud to be the carpet cleaner of choice for several child and day-care centers. We believe strongly that our children should be safe wherever they learn and that the area should be as clean as possible, especially the area rugs, carpets and upholstery. These photos show actual area rugs we clean on a regular basis for our client, Sunvalley Kids Montessori Mission Campus.
ZAMii also cleans and restores Marley dance floors. This particular floor was heavily damaged during renovations. ZAMii PRO was tasked with cleaning and restoring the flooring. We think you would agree that the restoration was a success.